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Proem was founded by Maui & Ewa Dwulat in 1990 and is run by Polish nationals. 2020 marked 30 years of ministry in Poland. More than 65 staff serve to share the Gospel with youth & families in Poland as well as throughout Eastern Europe through camps, Christian education, church planting and community help initiatives. Located in the U.S., Proem Support Ministries assists the work of Proem Poland in the areas of communications, mission team logistics, financial administration, and church partnerships.

At the end of May 2024, Proem Christian camp in Zakościele, Poland, ran a camp for 32 Ukrainian widows and 62 children. All of these widows have lost their husbands since the beginning of the war in 2022.  The goal of this camp was to plant the seeds of hope. 

For many this camp was the beginning of psychological healing and Proem had a team of Christian psychologists taking care of the widows and children during their stay. 

There were lots of activities running, art classes, sports activities and valuable time with the animals on site, time in both small groups and the whole camp joined together.  These times focused on developing relationships and giving these widows and children a safe space. Every evening they had fellowship together with a Gospel presentation and a time of worship. 

Please pray for this work, that God will continue to use the experience that these widows and children had at the camp to bring comfort and peace and pray that they all may experience a measure of healing and spiritual growth.

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