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Our CCI Coaches

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The role of the CCI Coach is to help CCI fulfil its Mission and Vision by developing a self-sustaining network of Christian Camping Leaders in a country or region.  They identify opportunities and leaders and help organise gatherings, support vision casting and initiating structure for the groups they are working with.  They are a critical friend, supporter, advisor, mentor and most of all coach.

If you are interested in becoming a coach then please do get in contact with us.

Mark and Norman Dec 2019.jpg

CCI Head Coach

Norman Doney

CCI Head Coach

Aaron Ziebarth.jpg

Aaron Ziebarth

Serving Russia

Adam Stewart

Serving Bangladesh
15-05-03 AX в Сысерти Alexander.jpg

Alexander Kharitonov

Serving Korea
Graeme Janes1.jpg

Graeme Janes

Serving Philippines
Keith Hagon headshot 2020.jpg

Keith Hagon

Serving Nepal
Ken Pullen.jpg

Ken Pullen

Serving India & Malaysia
Headshot -Muhia.png

Muhia Karianjahi

Serving West Africa
ray - snip .jpg

Ray Schnickles

Serving Brazil
Robert Bruneau.png

Robert Bruneau

Serving Colombia & Venezuela
Stephen John 2.jpg

Stephen John

Serving West Africa
Steve Kiteto Headshot.jpg

Steve Kiteto

Serving West Africa
Victor Hugo headshot.jpg

Victor Hugo Gonzales

Serving Cuba
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