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  • CCI EcoCare Session 4 - Worshipping God in the Day-to-Day Choices We Make
    Tue, Nov 01
    Online Zoom Session
    Join us as we are hear stories from within the CCI WW family of ways we can honour God in the daily choices that we make
  • BRAVE Series: Session 5 - Finding Your Voice
    Mon, Nov 07
    Online Zoom Session
    Many women struggle to find and use their voice. Learn why this is and what to do about it in this very insightful and helpful session on understanding our story and developing our character, credibility and communication skills.
  • BRAVE Series: Session 6 - Expanding Perspective and Influence
    Mon, Dec 12
    Online Zoom Session
    In this final BRAVE session we will be talking about 'Expanding our Perspective and Influence'. Covering topics like mindsets, mentoring, and movements this session will help us to not only grow ourselves but also to become even more intentional about developing others.