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Foggy Forest

Stories from Camps Around the World

God is at work in camps all around the world.  


God is transforming the lives of young people at camp by providing a unique environment for spiritual growth and community building. Away from daily distractions, campers engage deeply with their faith through worship, prayer, and Bible study, while forming meaningful relationships with peers and mentors. Activities like team-building exercises and nature exploration strengthen their identity and purpose in God. These experiences deepen their faith and equip them to live it out in everyday life, returning home with renewed passion and commitment to their spiritual journey.

Below you will find stories of how God is working specifically in the lives of young people within the Christian camping community through their time spent at camp.

It is great to be reminded that people are being reached through the Christian Camping ministry all around the world.


Do you have a story from your camp that we could share with the CCICommunity?


If so, then please do get in contact with us by email or click the button below to send us the information that we need

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