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Welcome to CCI Worldwide!

As we work in dozens of countries around the world, we at CCI provide the 'glue' that connects people together.  We strive to enable and strengthen Christian Camping globally by sharing ideas, circulating best practice and providing programs and training which help build the church in an extraordinary way - together.

Our Mission and Vision


The mission of Christian Camping International is to promote and support Christian camping throughout the world, as a means of serving the Church to fulfil the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.



The Vision of Christian Camping International is to be a highly effective and highly valued ministry tool throughout the world supporting a growing alliance of internally strong, sustainable, and growth-focused associations of Christian camps, conference centers, outdoor activity providers and their leaders. 

What we do - We are the global connectors of Christian camp, conference and activity providers.

How we do it - As a kingdom minded organisation, we look to achieve this vision through our three central programs:

GERMINATE - Global Leadership Program - Developing Leaders for tomorrow

GROW - Global Growth Program - Supporting and growing our global Associations through our CCI Coaches

GATHER - Global Gathering Program - Bringing people together

Get Involved

There are multiple ways for you to play a part in what God is doing through Christian Camping all over the world.

Get involved with the Christian Camping Association in your part of the world.

Follow the news of Christian Camping International by signing up for our newsletter

Join us for our regular online sessions

Support the organization of Christian Camping International by making a donation 

Join with us in celebrating this vital and valuable ministry

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