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CCI EcoCare Assessment Tool

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To become part of the CCI EcoCare scheme you will need to complete the Assessment Tool below in regards to your camp, venue or offices.  The Assessment Tool consists of questions about you and your ministry, worship and teaching, operations and energy, water and cleaning, food and waste, and land management.  As well as providing a picture of where you are now in regards to EcoCare, it also provides ideas of things that you can do to make improvements.  The Assessment Tool will take about 30 minutes to complete, but you must complete it in full as your responses will not be saved.  You will find it helpful to download the assessment questions by clicking on the button below and look through them before completing the full Assessment Tool.

If you have any questions about the Assessment Tool then please do click on the button below to view our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

If you wish to join our CCI EcoCare scheme then please work through the Assessment Tool below answering all questions relevant to your campsite/venue:

If you are able to offer a donation to CCI Worldwide to help with the processing costs of this Assessment Tool, we would be very grateful.

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