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Speakers for European VRG21

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Rafal Piekarski

Bible Teacher Day 1&2

Rafal Piekarski is the Lead Pastor of Tomy Christian Fellowship, one church that meets in two locations in central Poland - Tomaszow and Lodz; he is also one of the leaders of Proem Ministries in Poland.  Rafal is happily married to Agnieszka for 21 years and is a father of 3 great kids - Wojtek, Agata and Adam.


David Frank

Keynote Speaker Day 1

David is a member of the CCI Worldwide Board and has over 30 year experience in the Christian Camping ministry.  Over the past few years David and his family have begun a ministry of serving, equipping and encouraging Christian camp leaders across Spain for the growth of His church.

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Daniel Wawrzyniak

Seminar Speaker Day 1

Daniel is the Leader of CCI Poland and the Director of sports camps Proem Ministries in Poland where he uses sports to cross all kinds of barriers, bringing people of different cultures, nations and economic circles together to compete and find the similarities in all of us.

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Jim Hammett

Seminar Speaker Day 1

Jim has a background in Christian charity management with Scripture Union and with CCI UK as their CEO. He has worked with over a hundred Christian organisations both in the UK and internationally. His style is infectiously enthusiastic, dynamic and ministry focussed. Some have said that he combines the best of ministry with quality business acumen.

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Tomek Guzda

Seminar Speaker Day 2

Tomek Guzda has been working in the media department at Proem Ministries Poland for a little over 20 years. He spends his time doing video projects for the ministry.  Tomek has a master’s degree in film and directing and has made videos for international organizations in Poland, the US, Ukraine, Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Afghanistan. 

15-05-03 AX в Сысерти Alexander.jpg

Alexander Kharitonov

Seminar Speaker Day 2

Alexander is the President of CCI/Russia, leading the Association in fulfilling its mission by (1) providing strategic as well as tactical leadership on behalf of the Board, (2) serving the Association members, and (3) directly supervising the staff

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