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Seminar Options for European VRG21

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Daniel Wawrzyniak

Seminar 1.1 - The Benefits and Challenges of Sports Ministry

We know that in any ministry, there are continuing opportunities for growth …the same holds true for sports related ministry. This session will help guide us into a better understanding of those opportunities while looking at the challenges and benefits associated with sports ministry.

Jim Hammett

Jim Hammett

Seminar 1.2 - Organisation Development and Leadership

All leaders have a responsibility to develop their organisation as well as their team.  In this session we will look at the importance of boards and structures to develop and grow your group/Association and to ensure your organisation is fit for purpose and ready to meet the opportunities and challenges that may be faced. 

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Tomek Guzda

Seminar 2.1 - The Role and Value of Media in Ministry

Media is the vehicle for communication and we are in the business of communication, in our particular case it is the communication of God's message to man.  Therefore, it is important for us to understand how various medias work so we can become effective communicators.

When it comes to media, we have to remember that technology serves ministry, not the other way around. It is important use the correct media/technology with the right people in the correct way.

This session will provide some helpful suggestions and tips to make media work effectively in your ministry.

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Alexander Kharitonov

Seminar 2.2 - Take Aways from COVID

The COVID pandemic has brought with it many challenges and struggles in the Christian Camping ministry, but there have also been some valuable lessons to learn and to help us move forward pro-actively and effectively in our ministry

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