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Seminar Options for APVRG21

Brian Rupe.jpg

Brian Rupe

Seminar 1.1 - Why Christian Camp?

Putting Jesus first in Christian camping should be most important.  However, there are many obstacles in the way and opportunities not realized.  This session will explore the many aspects of camping ministry that allow for personal transformation.  It will be both inspirational and practical.

Stephen John 1.jpg

Stephen John

Seminar 1.2 - Applying and Sharing your Faith in a Multi-Religion Culture

For some Christians, 'inter faith relations' mean daily, face-to-face meeting. For others, different faiths are encountered only rarely.  Whatever your context, Stephen will share with you his experiences in living in a multi-religion culture and how you can share your faith with those around you in a respectful and sensitive way.

Raj headshot.jpeg

Rajashekar Moorthy

Seminar 1.3 - Faith by Example

God always provides where He points

'God's work done in God's way will never lack God's provision' - Hudson Taylor

Norm Hoyt.png

Norm Hoyt

Seminar 2.1 - Theory and Practice of Wilderness Camp

Being out in nature introduces a person to God's natural world, it allow nature to reveal God as Creator of all things and it creates opportunities for teachable moments - there is something about the wilderness that gives individuals the space to explore their relationship with the One who made it all and it brings them face to face with reality.

Instant Photo Poster

Graeme Janes & Peter Dobbs

Seminar 2.2 - Coming out of COVID

COVID has had an impact on us all as individuals, camp leaders and Association leaders.  Graeme and Peter share their insights into navigating a way out of the complications and difficulties that COVID has caused and into a new normal.


Shanthini Baskaran

Seminar 2.3 - Resilience

The Resilient Life: Overcoming the challenges of life.

Life is not easy and can be incredibly busy, but we can develop strategies to help us be resilient through it all, leaning on the power of God.

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