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Seminar Options for African VRG21

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Dr Naitore Odindo

Seminar 1.1 - Mental Health and Wellbeing for Leaders

As leaders we spend much of our time trying to solve problems and issues within our organisations and teams and we can often neglect our own mental health.  Dr Naitore leads this session sharing her expertise on this important topic.

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Jonathan Bestwick

Seminar 1.2 - Sharpening your Tools: Converting Downtime to become a Window of Opportunity

Over the past year, our 'normal' has changed drastically and many camps are still unable to operate as they did before or open up at all.  Jono shares his thoughts on how we can make the most of this time, keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus and our goal of growing God's Kingdom.


Bogobiri Seidu Abdul-Latif

Seminar 1.3 - Evangelism in Times of Crisis

With the current crisis of COVID, how can we continue to be Evangelistic in reaching the youth in our communities?  Latif shares his insights into evangelising in the midst of a crisis.

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Keziah Mutua

Seminar 2.1 - Mental Health and Wellbeing for Youth

Now, more than ever, we need to think about the mental health of those that are involved in our ministry, to provide a safe place to share and still be accepted.  Join Keziah as she shares from her vast training and experience on this topic.

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Pieter Snyman

Seminar 2.2 - The Role of Adventure in Restoration/Therapy

As individuals involved in Christian Camping we all value adventure and the outdoors and their roles in pointing us and others towards Jesus.  But Adventure can be so much more than that.  Learn from Pieter Snyman how adventure can play a vital role in both restoration and therapy.

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Charles Wahome Mwai

Seminar 2.3 - Motivating Others to be Part of Camp (Volunteers)

Our volunteers are vital for the effectiveness of our camps each year, but, particularly in light of COVID,  it is becoming harder to motivate volunteers to get involved.  Charles shares his thoughts and experiences on this topic.

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