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Speakers for the Americas VRG21

Aaron Ziebarth headshot.jpg

Aaron Ziebarth

Bible Teacher Day 1&2

Aaron Ziebarth is excited about igniting a generation that seeks God. Aaron has served as executive director of Joy El Camps & Retreats and Joy El Generation since 2003. Prior to Joy El, Aaron served in ministry in North Dakota, Michigan and Minnesota. Aaron’s undergraduate degree is in youth ministry, and he has a master of divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He also gained experience leading church boards and within two family businesses and has served as chair of CCCA's national board. 

Bruce at Grand Canyon.jpg

Bruce Dunning

Keynote Speaker Day 1

Bruce Dunning has been the Executive Director of Medeba Adventure Learning Centre for over three decades and currently serves as Executive Advisor. Medeba is located in West Guilford, Ontario, Canada and specializes in Christian adventure learning. Its mission is to use adventure and community to challenge young people to continually say “yes” to God.
Bruce has been involved in Christian camping every year of his life. He also has extensive experience within CCI Worldwide, twice serving as President of CCI Canada and also as chair of the  CCI Worldwide board of directors.

Bruce’s background in Christian camping provided him with a rich heritage of outdoor adventure activities and experiences. He continues to pursue an active lifestyle where adventure is an important part of his life.

sharon-fraess headshot.jpg

Sharon Fraess

Seminar Speaker Day 1

Sharon Fraess has worked at Birch Bay Ranch for over 30 years where she has mentored and befriended thousands of staff and helped guide them in their Faith. She is also the Director of CCI/Canada, where she is constantly in touch with the members all across Canada, encouraging them and listening and giving advice when asked for as well as being an ear for those camps who are struggling.

Sharon is an incredible leader and her love for God and for camp shines through her life.


Keziah Mutua

Seminar Speaker Day 1

Keziah Mutua has a wealth of experience working as a Trainer, Communicator, Researcher, Curriculum Developer and Therapist for Child Youth Development.  She has also served as a Experiential Trainer and Facilitator at Camp Winning Ways in Kenya for over 13 years.
Her vast experience includes working in the corporate and NGO space as well as within diverse cultures in Kenya. Creating a safe environment and empowering children to be resilient is what wakes her up each morning. 


Timothy Quek

Seminar Speaker Day 2

Rev. Dr. Timothy Quek has served for many years as Senior or Lead Pastor at various churches in the GTA. He is currently the senior pastor of a church in Scarborough, ON. He received his PhD in Psychology at York University, Toronto, and was in private practice for 23 years prior to his migration into full time ministry. His passion is the leading people into a personal relationship with Jesus, the revival of churches in conflict or stagnation, planting new churches, and helping believers in Christ to walk the deeper life in Jesus. He lives in the City of Toronto with his wife and their son.

CArol headshot.jpg

Carol Wilbert Metz

Seminar Speaker Day 2

Carol Wilbert Metz has worked as a Program Director for over 12 years at Quest Brasil, an adventure camp and training centre.  She is currently teaching English at Journey.

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