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Seminar Options for the Americas VRG21

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Sharon Fraess (Canada)

Seminar 1.1 - Creating Community online

Due to the COVID pandemic, it has become commonplace to hold meetings, training and even social times online and whilst things may start to return to face-to-face, the era of Zoom is far from over.  

"You're on Mute" was the quote of 2020 and whilst many of us have mastered the basics, there is still a lot to learn in making online connections meaningful.  Sharon shares with us the lessons she has learned and her suggestions for making online meetings a worthwhile time as well as ensuring that everyone still feels valued and part of a community.


Keziah Mutua

Seminar 1.2 - Self Image

In a world where social media has become unavoidable and we are constantly bombarded with the 'perfect' images and lives of not only celebrities, but now also our friends and family, it can be easy to get drawn into negative thinking about self.  In this session, Keziah reminds us of our value to God, that we are created by Him for a purpose, as she shares her thoughts on this topic and her own personal journey from low self esteem to value in God.

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Timothy Quek

Seminar 2.1 - Worry, the Giant that Wearies the soul

We are all guilty of worrying from time to time, some of us more than others.  Join this session to hear how worry impacts our soul and to think about how we can lean into God during these challenging times.

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Carol Wilbert Metz

Seminar 2.2 - Jono da Vida (Game of Life)

Helping our campers and staff navigate the "Game of Life" through a inconsistent world by presenting them with the hope we have in Jesus Christ in a consistent Christian World View. 

This seminar will be presented in Portuguese with English subtitles/translation.

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