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What a Way to Go!

Posted by Dan Bolin on OA9er @ 9:59
“Endurance is Christ’s call to follow Him, to finish strong for God’s glory. There is no higher calling, no bigger privilege, no greater joy.” 
Randy Alcorn
“Tis grace has brought me safe thus far, and grace will lead me home.”
John Newton, 
Amazing Grace
Cay and I recently rewrote our wills. Besides facing the stark reality of life-and-death decisions, we needed to signed pages and pages of legal papers. One document provided instructions for our medical care in the event that either of us became incapacitated and could not make decisions for ourselves.
Determining what measures to employ to sustain life or when to end medical support are tough questions that should be asked sooner rather than later. The heart of the matter is, what happens if I run out of mental or physical strength, but my heart is still beating? 
Moses’ 120 years provided a unique perspective on “end of life” issues. Near his end, he commented on each of the tribes of Israel. Addressing the Tribe of Asher, he made a rich and affirming statement that ended with the simple blessing: “your strength will equal your days.” (Deuteronomy 33:25b)
What a way to go – strong to the finish! To end our days enjoying good mental and physical health, and with strength to serve God to the very end, is a blessing that we should all hope for. Wherever you are in life, pray for strength to equal every one of the days He gives you, to the glory and praise of God.
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 Dan Bolin
International Director - CCI Worldwide
Please continue to pray for CCI-Romania. They are challenged with changes in laws by a government that is seeking only their own good. It affects their functioning. Everything is getting more expensive and income is going down. Also please pray for their upcoming event on November 20-21. 
Please pray with CCI-Canada for their Leadership Summit November 27-29, 2017. Pray that the “words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts will be acceptable in His sight.” Pray for God's leading and guidance in the final plans. Pray that attendance will be strong. Pray that camp leaders will be trained to be increasingly effective in ministry.
During November and December, the last details will be put into place for the CCI-Spain National Annual Conference. Pray that the Lord’s will dominate the plans that are made. Please also ask that the Lord will inspire more people in Christian Camping to participate with CCI-Spain in their January 2018 conference. Pray they would leave being inspired to follow Jesus in a deeper way, and having gained more help to carry out the ministries God has called them to do.
It is now summer in sunny South Africa and CC-South Africawould like to pray for rain in the summer rainfall areas. The Western Cape region dam levels are now at 34%. With an outbreak of bird flu, catering costs have increased quite a bit. Please pray for innovation for all catering at camps. CCSA Executive members will do regional visits to members during November. Please pray for safe travels and fruitful visits.
CCCA is in the midst of final preparations for our national conference in Colorado Springs on Dec. 4-7. Pray that God would bring in an increased number of attendees and that their hearts would be prepared for the impact God will make. The team has many details to wrap up and would appreciate your prayers for everything to come together for an incredible conference. Please pray for the general session and seminar speakers as they prepare, that they would hear clearly from the Lord and connect well with the needs of the CCCA members.
Please pray for CCI-Mexico’s National Conference taking place November 17-21. Pray for the ongoing planning happening now and the team that is putting the details together, for people to register and attend and once there, be encouraged and refreshed, and for the speakers and conference leaders to have wisdom and direction to make this an effective and blessed event.
Please pray for CCI-Japan’s National Conference on this week at Hi-B.A. camp and the annual meeting and new board election taking place before the conference on November 15. Pray for the logistics in planning these events, for wisdom and unity, for safe travel and encouragement for those attending, and that the Lord will be glorified and His servants empowered to be effective for the kingdom.
There are more more regional member visits planned for the Western Cape Province next week in CC-South Africa. Please pray for fruitful visits and safe traveling.
Praise the Lord with Andreas van der Elst and his wife that their little baby girl arrived in their family save and well on October 28. She is two weeks old and everything (sleeping and eating) is going better by the day! 
CC-South Africa is thankful for safe travel and favor for regional member visits.
CCI-Japan - Nov 15 - Annual meeting and board election
CCI-Japan - Nov 15-17 - National Conference - Hi-B.A. camp
CCNZ - Nov 17 - AGM - Aucklands
CCI-Mexico - Nov 17-21 - National Conference - Tabasco
CCI-Argentina - Nov 17-20 - National Training Conference
CCI-Panama - Nov 17-20 - National Training Conference
CCI-Romania - Nov 21-22 - "And Now What" - Director's Institute
CCI-Canada - Nov 27-29 - Leadership Summit
CCCA - Dec 4-7 - Annual Conference - The Broadmoor - Colorado Springs, CO
CCI-Netherlands - Jan 2 - "New Year's" Reception
CCI-Spain - Jan 17-21 - National Conference - Siete Robles
CCI-Netherlands - March 6 - Semi-Annual General Assembly
CCI-France - Oct 15-18 - European Rendezvous
CCI-Netherlands - Nov 6 - Semi-Annual General Assembly
CC-South Africa - June 5-8 - 40th Annual General Meeting
CVA - August 6-10 - Connect 18 - The Collaroy Center
Please let us know if I have missed any important dates.
If you would like to be added to our mailing to circulate prayer requests, email dan@cciworldwide.org.Thank you for taking time to read and pray for these items. May God bless you for your support of CCI-Worldwide. 
Dan Bolin| CCI Worldwide | P.O. Box 9508 | Tyler, Texas | 75711 | 
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